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ToleranseOpptil 10% (dimensjoner, vekter, vekt)


  • Keep your packaging clean and dispose of the product in the Trash
  • The product is intended to come into contact with food and does not affect the taste or odour of
  • Packaging made of cardboard
  • The product is made of low density polyethylene and can be recycled
ToleranseOpptil 10% (dimensjoner, vekter, vekt)

Czy wiesz. że... Papier do pieczenia pomaga usunać plamy z wosku. Wystarczy rozgrzać żelazko i na plamę przyłożyć kartkę. Wosk wniknie w papier, a zabrudzony materiał pozostanie czysty.

Vi-Go radzi! Przykryj papierem wierzch ciasta, aby zapobiec jego przypaleniu lub nadmiernemu zarumienieniu.


  • Tightly sticks to any dish
  • Effectively restricts air access
  • Prevents food from escaping
  • Perfectly protects food from insects
  • Reusable product
ToleranseOpptil 10% (dimensjoner, vekter, vekt)


  • Relatively dry air circulates in the refrigerator. To keep food quickly, store it in containers or use a foil lid. The foil isolates, weakly passes water vapour, air and fragrance substances.
ToleranseOpptil 10% (dimensjoner, vekter, vekt)
ToleranseOpptil 10% (dimensjoner, vekter, vekt)